Scofield Thayer an Hermann Bahr, 7. 11. 1922

My dear Mr. Bahr,

I was interested to see your article 1 upon Santayana and the Japanese in the Neue Freie Presse.

I came back after all to Vienna to finish a little work2 that I am doing about some contemporary German writers. Did you then find that you really could write something about Civilisation in the United States from the point of view of an old Whitmanite? If so, may I hope to receive the article from you3 here or have you, perhaps already, sent it to The Dial in New York?

I got from Mr. Orlik his excellent etching 4 of yourself and this would appear in The Dial with any contribution from your pen.

Dr. Schnitzler has told me of something you once wrote about Vienna and about the influence of Celtic blood upon its character. But I do not know where to find this article or book 5 of yourself. Perhaps you could let me know under what title I should look for it at my book-sellers? And if you know of any other book or article upon Vienna whether from your own pen or not. I should be grateful to you if you could write me of it.

May I then hope for a word from you as to whether we are to expect something for The Dial?

Sincerely yours, [hs.:] Scofield Thayer
Thayer, Scofield Wien 7. 11. 1922
Bahr, Hermann München
  • A Wien Theatermuseum HS AM 24410 Ba

    ms. Brief, 2 Bl., 2 S., mit eh. Unterschrift und hs. Korrektur der Zeichensetzung. Hs. von Bahr: » Dial «

1 article Hermann Bahr: Santayana. In: Neue Freie Presse, Nr. 20848, 23. 9. 1923, Morgenblatt, 1–3.
2 workNicht identifiziert.
2 article from youNicht erschienen.
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